Our purpose-built campus of Mardan Youth’s Academy provide the essential academic and recreational facilities.


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Upcoming recent Event Details of Mardan Youth’s Academy with dates for the Year 2016.


School Management & Information System provides comprehensive analysis of the performance of Students, Teachers & Staff .


At Mardan Youth’s Academy we emphasise not only on the traditional education with its domain limited to curricula but also offer activity based learning which empower the kids to face the challenges of the present and future era. We provide opportunities for kids to enhance their qualities in terms of character building, ethics, responsibility towards society and leadership and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. At Mardan Youth’s Academy, we genuinely believe in educating ‘the whole child’ so we provide our students with every opportunity to discover and build upon their strengths. We also expect them to face up to the challenges of an economically globalised and socially changing world – one in which they will have to take their place as independent, responsible citizens.

The school aims at molding its students in to citizens of character and vision, aware of the social and material realities of this world, scientific in their outlook, pragmatic and successful in life, fearful of their creator and fully prepared for the life hereafter. This goal is achieved by giving a scientifically balanced curriculum to the students, blending the academic work with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities by creating a friendly and socially rich atmosphere in the school.

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